Our History...

It all started at Camp Shalom in 1969. Just before the start of the camping season, the camp realized their Chef of many years could not return so the Director sought the assistance of Georges Bourbeau, Culinary Professor and Placement Officer at the Provincial Institute of Trade (now George Brown College). Unable to find a suitable applicant, Georges, accepted the summer position himself-but only after his family (including seven children) was assured of convenient accommodation at the camp.

Georges and his wife, Gertrude, a professional Baker, took full charge of the contract. It was home cooking, homemade bread and satisfying food for all of the campers and staff. For the Bourbeaus it was an enriching experience of learning wonderful Jewish customs and the beginning of their family business. This first year at camp served as our introduction to the full-fledged food service to camps, sport centres and resorts.

Within six years G.B. Catering was contracted to provide the food service of twelve Camps and Resorts. These early clients were important contributors to our development and success. All of the children worked at various camps and business continued to flourish, with new contracts almost every year, and our eventual involvement with industrial contracts, including the execution of several large contracts, including Queen’s Park, Ford of Canada in Windsor, and Atomic Energy.

The second generation continued to play an active role in the business. Dr. André-Francois Bourbeau (the eldest son) developed the reputable G.B. Tripping System™, a packaged dry food system, in the late 1970s (André was a Guinness World record holder for spending the longest period of time in the wilderness without any matches, food, sleeping bag, or a tent).

In 1996, the business formally passed on to the next generation. Réal Bourbeau and his wife, Annie Cotnoir, who have both been heavily involved in the business since completing their education, assumed control of the family business and they continue the family tradition of catering to camps, resorts, schools, institutions and recreational facilities.

Twenty years later, in 2016, Réal & Annie officially passed on the business to two long-term employees, who even though are not Bourbeaus, have been like family to them. Mr. Luc Levert and Mr. Mike Poels whom are both excellent chefs, managers & trainers in their own right and have a combined 60+ years experience. They have both worked as Chef Managers & Supervisors at multiple sites for G.B. Catering during each of their 20+ years with the company. They continue the excellent concept instilled by the original owners, George & Gertrude Bourbeau, of preparing excellent food & baked goods made from scratch right on the premises… and plenty of it! G.B. is now over 50+ years of providing peace of mind for your business catering needs.

Our Philosophy...

G.B. Catering’s recipe for success is based on our unique philosophy of preparing high quality home cooking and baked goods. Over the years, we have remained strongly dedicated to bringing to our customers the best in everything we prepare. All meat, fish and other entrées are prepared from basic ingredients and when at all possible, breads, buns and pastries are baked from scratch daily. We discourage the use of common prepared foods, which often contain added salt, sugar, artificial additives and preservatives.

G.B. Catering has evolved over the years in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. While we have kept the highest possible standards in everything we prepare, our menu has expanded almost as much as we have. This is due to increasing emphasis on nutrition and health, as well as food allergies and cultural preferences. All of our menus have a vegetarian option and we will work together with our clients to make sure that everyone requiring a special diet is well fed.

G.B. Catering has been specializing in student feeding since 1969, and we have a thorough understanding of the preferences of children and adolescents in today’s ever-changing market. Healthier eating is what many kids are looking for today….and our philosophy of good, wholesome foods is a perfect match.

Our experience is varied. We service camps that are sports-oriented, for children with special needs (including diabetics and the physically challenged), religious and traditional camps. Our staff are always aware of the philosophy, policies and standards of the location to which they are assigned.

OUR PLEDGE…To give our clients peace of mind by providing excellent service, good wholesome nutritious meals and by being the leaders in new innovative trends for Camps, Schools and Outdoor Recreation Centres.