Most frequently asked questions and answers

Depending on the Camp, this may vary. The majority of our sites require at least 2 doses vaccination for all staff.  Don’t let this keep you from applying as these regulations are changing rapidly, and we may have sites that don’t require any proof of vaccination.

Maybe. Some of our camps have stated that GB Catering staff will be required to show proof of a negative COVID test before arriving at camp. Details are to be determined in terms of how far ahead of your arrival this will be be and we will be in touch with more information as we get more details and get closer to camp opening.

If a cost is incurred to get a test, GB will reimburse at the end of the season upon contract completion. If the staff member leaves site for a non medical/ non emergency and requires another test before going back to camp – that will not be covered. 

Here is a link to how you can find a test in your area.


Salaries vary depending on the position, but all employees receive free room and board. Entry-level positions (Dishwashers, Potwashers, Kitchen Helpers) start at $625 per week ($553 + $72 retention bonus to be paid upon contract completion), while Chef Managers earn $1400 or more per week. For a full list of salaries by position, please check out the list of available positions.

We start conducting interviews in February and continue through May and June. Once we receive your application, we will let you know our upcoming interview schedule. Following a successful interview, references are checked and suitable candidates are assigned a position at a specific camp and job offers are made. This is typically 1-3 weeks after the interview. Unsuccessful applicants are also contacted in this timeframe.

Accommodations vary widely between camps, from very rustic to more comfortable. The Chef always has a room or cabin of their own. For the rest of the kitchen staff, there are sometimes single rooms, but they usually have to share with one or two other staff of the same sex. You will be given a chance in the interview process to mention any preferences you might have. Once you are hired, more information about the accommodations at your particular camp is provided.

All Chefs and Sous Chefs are required to attend our Orientation Weekend at the end of May, prior to the start of the season. Bakers receive 5 days of training right before they start regular work. All other employees receive on-the-job training when they start work at their particular camp.

We highly suggest that you arrange your own transportation to camp. We can assist with bus schedules and bus stops closest to the camp you are going to as well as assisting you with transportation from the bus station nearest the camp. Unfortunately, this summer we are not able to provide the same level of individual transportation as we may have in past.

Placement depends on many factors, including: previous experience, personality, sex (for accommodations), applicant preference, and available openings. We do not have all positions at all locations, and selection is greatest in late winter and early spring. We always try to place people at a camp where they will be happy. If you have particular preferences, please discuss them with us during your interview.

Start times depend on the time that breakfast is served at a particular camp. At most camps the kitchen staff start work at 7:00am, but sometimes could start as early as 6:00 or 6:30am at a handful of camps.

About half of our camps have some internet access (WIFI or computers available for staff use). All of our camps except for one have cellular reception, so if you have a smart phone, you can always access the internet that way, if needed.

We want to make sure you make a conscious decision, that you understand the conditions of your employment with us, and that you are fully committed to working all summer.

Proper kitchen attire must be worn for work. G.B. provides all employees with a basic uniform consisting of 4 white logo t-shirts, 2 pairs of chef’s pants, a hat, aprons and 3 ply disposable face masks. Personal cloth masks will not be permitted in GB Catering workspaces Additional items can be supplied by the employee or purchased at cost.

Anytime, but we start planning for the summer early in the New Year, and recommend that applications are sent in as soon as possible. Applications are always accepted and processed; however we usually start interviewing by mid-February – the closer it gets to the start of the summer season, the fewer available positions.

Our minimum age for employees is 16 years old. You must be 16 before the end of June to be considered for one of our positions.