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The right employees make all the difference. In interviews, we look for service-oriented individuals who demonstrate a passion for the kitchen environment. We conduct personal interviews, verify references and require a criminal records check from each of our employees 18 years of age and older. Our full time Human Resources Manager works to ensure that staffing levels are always adequate and that open positions are filled quickly-especially during the busy summer months.

Supervision & Support

At G.B. Catering, a qualified, experienced and accessible supervisory support team is a key benefit. Our Supervisors/Staff Trainers possess Red Seal Certification and camp kitchen experience (usually with G.B. Catering, so they are familiar with our practices and service expectations) and assist with a smooth running operation. They are able to help the Chef Manager wherever needed-training, discipline, support, coaching, resolving issues, etc. Our expectation is that a Supervisor will visit each site on a weekly basis. During this visit, they will lend a hand wherever necessary, and also take time out to meet with the Director, the Chef Manager and the kitchen staff. Another benefit of a strong support team is our ability to react quickly in the event of staffing issues, whatever the reason. Since our Supervisors/Staff Trainers are experienced in cooking and baking (most have been Chef Managers at some of our largest sites), they can quickly step in and manage the kitchen.


G.B. Catering's training programs are among the most comprehensive in the business. In consideration of the short operating period, we feel that it is essential that our employees “hit the floor running,” and they fully comprehend our expectations in advance of their arrival at your site. For this reason, we provide all senior staff (Chefs, Sous Chefs, Cooks and Bakers) with off-site training programs before the commencement of their contracts. Other employees arrive a few days in advance of when they are needed to receive on-the-job training.

Menu Planning

At G.B. Catering, a lot of time and energy is spent on our menus to ensure that they are properly balanced, appetizing, nutritious and popular. After being in this business since 1969, our experience helps us to know what our customers are looking for, while still being able to adapt to changing tastes. Our menus are worked on and reviewed by not just one individual-but by several chefs and others in an attempt to ensure nothing is overlooked. During the off-season, we review, revise and update menus for each site as necessary. With our philosophy of providing food made from basic ingredients, we are already providing the natural nutrients present in most food items. Most pre-packaged or convenience foods contain chemicals to preserve the food. G.B. Catering prepares soups, entrees, bread, and baked goods in the kitchens fresh daily. All of our Chefs are provided with a recipe book containing hundreds of tried and true recipes created by G.B. Catering. Bakers also receive a baking book with tested large-quantity recipes and techniques.


We understand the importance of good quality products at G.B. Catering. Since our Chefs and Bakers cook with basic ingredients, those products purchased have a direct influence on the final end product-the use of quality ingredients is required for the creation of quality food items. Most goods are contracted from one Wholesaler who services all our sites. This allows us to obtain the very best prices available on the market. We believe the cost -plus arrangement we presently have with our Wholesaler is very advantageous and permit us to pass on our savings to our customers in the form of lower food costs (resulting in lower per diem rates) and reduced prices for non-food items (e.g. paper goods and cleaning supplies). G.B. Catering keeps abreast of new product developments and current food trends. We are constantly testing our products, and comparing them to the quality of similar items from different suppliers. We regularly tender our supplies directly with manufacturers to ensure that we receive the best price possible and participate in any rebate programs associated with our purchases. The high volume of our contracted operations enables us to procure food supplies at considerable savings; these savings are passed onto our customers.

The G.B. Tripping System

More than thirty five years ago, Dr. André-François Bourbeau (professor of outdoor education and researcher in the fields of nutritional and survival skills at the University of Québec in Chicoutimi) worked on developing a way to simplify the food planning and distribution process for outdoor trips at The Taylor Statten Camps. In 1982, André created a computerized Tripping System that simplifies quantity calculation and trip food organization. G.B. Catering uses the system to provide an efficient tripping food program for all of our interested camp clients. This system for decades was exclusive to G.B. Catering clients. No other company in Ontario can offer such a service at such a low cost (equivalent to eating in the dining room) or can accommodate short notice requests as we do. Furthermore this food is very well received and pleases all hungry trippers.
We have since made this once exclusive system available for anyone looking to better plan their tripping experience. A variety of meal kits and bundles are now available over on our GB Catering Shop page.